Marshall Amps

Marshall amps are legendary; used worldwide by such famous names as Eric Clapton, The Who, and Jimi Hendrix. They are perhaps the most recognisable brand in the industry and so iconic that some artists who don’t use Marshall amps are rumoured to use dummy stacks with their logo on stage.

Founded by drum shop owner Jim Marshall, a man sometimes called the “Father of Loud”, Marshall Amplification is a British company that grew from the demands of musicians. Guitarists, including Pete Townshend, would come into Marshall’s drum shop and complain that the amps on the market didn’t have the sound they wanted. Marshall rose to the challenge and created an amplifier with the iconic Marshall “crunch”, a unique sound that is sought after by guitarists to this day. Marshall stacks came about thanks to requests from The Who; guitarists John Entwistle and Pete Townshend started using them in the 1960’s as the only way to hear their instruments over Keith Moon’s drums.

Whether you’re looking for a practice amp or a performance stack, Marshall amps are the go-to choice for guitarists because of this history; their sound was designed specifically with guitarists in mind. There’s a wide range available to suit any level – including micro amps, which are battery powered and small enough to clip on a belt, ideal for impromptu performances and practice.

While the Marshall brand keeps up with modern competition with innovative new technology and new designs, they also remain true to their roots and the original series is still available to this day.

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