Yamaha APX700IIL Left Handed Electro Acoustic Guitar Natural


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The Left-Handed Yamaha APX700IIL Electro Acoustic Guitar Natural is a slim-line electro acoustic guitar aimed at electric guitar players who want an easy transition to the acoustic guitar or for players who desire a more manageable acoustic instrument. The slim APX body shape gives you an effortlessly comfortable playing experience while the single cutaway design enables easy access to the top frets for high-range soloing. The spruce-topped body gives a bright and resonant tone while the ART Pickup system with System 64 preamp helps to reproduce the guitars tonal characteristics for a natural plugged-in sound. The scalloped X-bracing gives the top an enhanced ability to react to your playing nuances and the A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Transducer) Technology reproduces the pure sound of the guitar with great accuracy. A full 3-band EQ and built-in tuner lets you sculpt your sound directly from the guitar and get in tune with ease. Whether youre plugged into an amplifier on stage or youre practising acoustically at home the APX700IIL will deliver a thoroughly comfortable playing experience for fingerpicking and strumming or even playing solos with the easy top fret access. This is the ideal instrument for crossing between the practice room and the stage.

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