Complete Guitars interview with Award Winning Singer Songwriter & Guitarist, Scottish Rock Artist Michael (Cal) Callaghan


Complete Guitars were delighted when award winning Scottish Rock artist Michael (Cal) Callaghan dropped by Complete Guitars offices and took time out of his busy schedule to discus his latest Album This Land, his current Guitars, Strings & other Equipment that he uses.

Cal explained to us that Cal Music & Cal Records have been going since 1995

Complete Guitars were really impressed with the quality of the acoustic guitar sound and the recorded sound on the new album This Land so we asked Cal who produced the album and how he was able to get such a great tone and sound on the acoustic guitar he told us:

“ The acoustic guitar sound on my new album THIS LAND is the best sound I have recorded of all the albums I have cal4done over the years, I’m pretty sure that the quality of the recorded sound is part of the reason that I was signed for the distribution deal. This is also because I was working with some of the best musicians and producers in Scotland. Graeme Duffin and Sandy Jones both of whom have and still are working with the likes of WET, WET, WET. “

(Tom Completeguitars)What, Graeme Duffin who helped produced one of the biggest selling singles in British history Wet Wet Wet’s Love Is All Around?

(Cal)Yes……it has sold 1.88 million copies in the United Kingdom, making it the country’s best-selling ballad of all time.

We asked Cal how he was able to get such an incredible crisp clear sound and such a rich tone on his acoustic as it sounded so bright and clear, Cal explained:

“ All of my guitars feel like they have a new lease of life since I have discovered Cleartone Strings, they have a fantastic sound, bright and clear, well deserving of the name Clear Tone. I have been playing guitar for a long time now and have tried many brands of strings but I feel that Cleartone are by far, the best strings I have used in all my musical career. There are no better in my opinion. ”

Complete Guitars checked out some Cleartone Strings for ourselves and we have to agree with Cal there probably is no better, they are proven to last up to 5 times longer than uncoated strings, and project up to 36% louder than coated strings  this is mainly due to the 1 micron thin coating they now apply to every set, we were blown away.


We asked Cal if there are any of his acoustic guitars that he felt really stand out to him, he told us:

“My Morgan guitar is made of KOA, Morgan guitars are based in Vancouver, Canada.  I got it from a shop called Apple Music while on tour in Portland Oregon.  It is a wonderful guitar with a fantastic sound, really great for recording. ”

(Cal is featured on the Morgan Guitars website) morgan
We checked out website were it explains:

” Since 1985, guitar builder David Iannone has upheld the rich traditions of a long line of expert craftsmen. It’s a tireless search for the finest materials and the endless pursuit of a peerless attention to detail. An intricate dance of consciousness, technique, and effort – using knowledge only gained by decades of experience. The result is superior handcrafted instruments sought by discerning musicians worldwide.Fewer than 100 guitars a year emerge from his shop. Each one hand-signed by the maker himself, a personal process that guarantees unmatched beauty and uncompromising sound.”

cal3Cal who has a very busy schedule with lots of gigs and shows in the pipeline as well as the new album to promote explained to us that in previous years  that he had  played at T-In The Park in 2012 which was the largest festival in the UK of that year and that he also played at the Longs Peak Highland Festival (Colorado) two years running 2014 & 2015 with great success. cal7

Complete Guitars asked Cal about his songwriting he told us:

“My songwriting comes from many directions, things I have seen, felt, heard, thought about, my own life experience, love, emotion and every broken promise I have had over the years in music.  (Believe me there have been many).  I also like to write about my love for my homeland and take much inspiration from my surroundings, especially when my surroundings are the beautiful Scottish countryside.  I have a CD and a song called Scotland A Part Of Me because that is how I feel, Scotland is in my heart and no-matter where I go, my heart is always in Scotland.”

“Most of the time I play my Takamine Santa Fe’ for live work, I bought it new in 1995 and I have toured it for gigs in Norway, Sweden, Germany, France Canada and America and has played 1000’s of live gigs.”
We asked Cal what the future holds next Cal explained:
“I have a five album distribution deal in both North and South America by a company called BFD (distributed by Sony/RED) who are based in New York, I will be heading of to Germany for a tour at the end of March and the first two weeks in April.  I’m in talks to tour in Japan later in the year and I will be back in America before the year is done to promote more of my music.”
I have:-
Morgan acoustic
Takamine Santa Fe’
Takamine EG501s
my new addition to my acoustic guitar family is a Voyage-Air VAOM-04
Ovation 12 string
Alvarez Classical
PRS 20th anniversary cal6
Fender Stratocaster
Epiphone Sheratone II
Levinson Blade
Ibanez AF75
Ibanez Roadstar II
I have two bass guitars, one 4 string and one six string and a few other guitars but That’s enough.
I have and HND in Music performance, and Advanced Diploma in Music for Film and TV and at the moment I have almost completed my Third year of my BA Honors, will be finished in June.
Complete Guitars wishes to thank Cal for coming to see us we thoroughly enjoyed listening to the new album and chatting to Cal about his plans for the future and his guitars and equipment.
Whatever the future holds for this talented singer songwriter the team at Complete Guitars are sure that it’s going to be just like the Cleartone strings he uses, bright, clear & fantastic!
cal 2





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