Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

Acclaimed for its balance between tradition and cutting edge technology, the Yamaha acoustic guitar is an excellent choice for any guitarist. Although Yamaha began mass production of guitars in 1966, they first began classical guitar production earlier in 1946, so they offer a wealth of experience in the industry.

The Yamaha acoustic guitar was used by the likes of Bob Dylan and Jeff Beck, and it offers a pure tone which is favoured by many classical guitarists to this day. Their careful construction means that they are an excellent choice for beginners and professionals alike.

Yamaha produce a wide range of acoustic guitars in a variety of shapes – whether you look for a large waisted model or a small waist, and whether you need a model with a cutaway, will come down to personal preference. A broad waist will generally offer greater volume, while a smaller waist creates a more focused tone, and a cutaway is generally only needed if you frequently play on the highest frets. The different bracing systems – identified by the letters in the model name – also offer variations in tone and sound quality.

One of the features to look for in a modern Yamaha acoustic guitar is A.R.E – Acoustic Resonance Enhancement, a unique process which is designed to improve the sonic resonance qualities of the wood used. While not exactly the same as the changes caused by natural aging, A.R.E reduces the harsh edge that is often audible when guitars are made from young wood, and balances the sustain characteristics at different frequencies to create a harmonically rich sound.

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